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Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc. is the chosen Lawn Maintenance Company for Mansfield Service Connection.  Specializing in lawn care, lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, lawn trimming, lawn edging, and complete lawn maintenance services in Mansfield Tx 76063.
Pounds Landscape Maintenance
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Lawn Care and Maintenance

Mansfield Service Connection has chosen Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc. as our Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance professionals for Mansfield Tx.  The reputation that Pounds Landscape Maintenance Inc. has established in the Mansfield Tx area has been impeccable! 

Jeff Pounds, owner of Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc., started this now incredibly successful lawn care company in 1987 and is now known across all of Southern DFW.  Mansfield Tx is still his main focus for lawn maintenance.  Jeff is a resident and business owner right here in Mansfield and will continue to provide the best in lawn maintenance and lawn care for Mansfield Texas for years to come.

We were impressed at how active the owner is in the everyday operation of the business.  Unlike most lawn maintenance companies, any day of the week you will find the owner right out there in the Texas heat with his crews insuring that the job is done right. 

Lawn Maintenance is different than landscaping in that it deals directly with the beauty of the lawn only.  Hiring the wrong lawn maintenance company could bring about a damaged lawn and months of intense lawn care to overcome the damage done.  Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc are professionals when it comes to your lawn.  They look at each lawn and decide how best to take care of it on an individual basis.

You will be very pleased with the high quality service you will receive and the rates are very reasonable.  Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc. can show you the best way to care for your lawn all year long and they will take away the burden associated with lawn care. 

So, in our opinion, we suggest that you get on a scheduled lawn care plan with Pounds Landscape Maintenance, Inc as soon as possible and save yourself some time, money, and create "yard envy" amongst your neighbors!
  Commercial & Residential

Mowing , line trimming, edging, blow
(basic weekly service)

Shrub trimming

Bed clean-up

Spring/Fall clean-up

Leaf removal

Fertilization/weed control

Irrigation Repair

Lawn Maintenance Mansfield Tx
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